The clean and modern design of The Principal's interior mirrors its culinary philosophy: refined, with colour and texture working in perfect harmony. Designed by renowned Australian studio Hecker Guthrie, this bright airy space reflects a fresh approach to fine dining; sophisticated with a modern yet rustic feel to ensure a relaxed ambience.


The two Michelin star restaurant stands at the site of a former school, whose principal for 14 years was the late mother of one of the Press Room Group's founders. The name - The Principal - is a tribute to her legacy.


Featuring the cuisine of The Principal Executive Chef, Jonay Armas, The Principal's menu stays true to the continual exploration of new tastes, textures and techniques, using the finest ingredients and methods both traditional and innovative. The Principal celebrates fine dining that is spontaneous and unchained by convention.


The carefully curated Wine Atlas contains over 750 labels from the old world and new, including some unexpected countries, with the oldest vintage dating back to 1901.


Jonay Armas

The Principal Executive Chef

With over 10 years experience, Jonay honed his culinary craft in some of Spain's leading Michelin-starred restaurants, including La Terraza del Casino and El Chaflán in Madrid and El Raco de Can Fabes in Barcelona. Originally from the Canary Islands, his cooking style is distinguished by innovation, inventiveness and a respect for tradition. 

"My aim is to respect the origins of each ingredient, to pay homage to the cooking methods that have come before while introducing my own interpretation."


A year after opening The Principal, Jonay was awarded his first Michelin star in the 2013 edition of Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau. He received his second star in the 2015 edition.


Wine Atlas


Hand-picked from family and boutique producers, The Principal's meticulously crafted Wine Atlas boasts over 750 labels that are guaranteed to surprise and enlighten. It includes intriguing selections from countries such as China, Croatia, Israel, Japan, Morocco and Turkey, as well as the Library Collection, which celebrates 12 unique and iconic producers.


Our Wine Atlas was put together by Kavita Faiella, who held the position of Wine Director at Press Room Group from 2010 to 2012. Kavita previously worked alongside celebrated chefs and earned her credentials as Head Sommelier for Hilton Hotels & Resorts in the Maldives and as Regional Cellarmaster for Aman Resorts.

The Principal is available for private events and intimate gatherings offering tailor-made packages with the option of unique wine pairing that perfectly match the food. Other beverage packages are also available.


The whole restaurant is available for exclusive hire for lunch and/or dinner, with a maximum capacity of 60 guests.


For further information on private functions at The Principal, please call us on +852 2563 3444 or e-mail info@theprincipal.com.hk

For up to 12 guests, The Library is available from Sunday to Wednesday, for lunch and/or dinner. Guests can enjoy this airy modern space partitioned by a sliding door of contemporary frosted glass, with floor-to-ceiling views of our wine cellar.


For further information on private functions at The Principal, please call us on +852 2563 3444 or e-mail info@theprincipal.com.hk

This intimate dining space is perfect for a small private gathering, seating up to 9 guests. Some labels from Kavita Faiella's Wine Atlas are housed in here too.


The Study and the Library can also be joined together to create a large private room with two tables.


For further information on private functions at The Principal, please call us on +852 2563 3444 or e-mail info@theprincipal.com.hk


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